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We used to think that creativity is the path of the child, and if adult, that applies to musicians, artists, designers. But in fact, the creativity required in life more often than we think. A creative approach will be useful in any business, starting from building your own image and ending with the global problems of peace throughout the land. And the best stimulant for creativity development are books. Judge for yourself when you watch the movie, you see the characters with their costumes and characters. You see the scenery and decoration of the premises. All this is exactly as seen and portrayed by the filmmaker. Reading it, you can't see it all firsthand (if the book is not illustrated). And then the brain is activated in an active operation. He paints vivid pictures. You hear the voices of the characters and even feel subtle smells. Visualizing the book, you create your own movie – whether it is creativity. Reading often and a lot, you start to see the world through very different eyes. Your head full of unusual ideas. You never get bored, you always know what to do. You become an interesting person and a valuable member of society.

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